Julia M. Barney brings more than ten years of experience assisting nonprofit, government and corporate clients with their public relations, event planning, media outreach and legislative affairs needs. As Program Director, she is thrilled to contribute her skills to build on the foundation’s early achievements in program development, community relations, fundraising and social media outreach. Julia is actively involved in the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School community where her three children attend, having served on the School Board since August 2014 and as Solicitations Chair for the 2015 Gala Dinner Auction Committee.

Prior to joining Chicago public affairs firm Jasculca Terman Strategic Communications she held legislative liaison positions with the Illinois Commerce Commission and the Office of Governor George H. Ryan. Julia graduated Cum Laude with Honors in International Relations from Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Illinois. In addition to a very grounding experience growing up in the Midwest, Julia was fortunate to spend time traveling the world at a young age which developed her passion for languages, multiculturalism and appreciation for the dedicated work of
nonprofit agencies in developing countries.

Julia relocated to the Melbourne area in July 2014 from Indianapolis with her family and enjoys fitness training, running and Pilates. She was first inspired to learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorders and related disabilities when she witnessed the amazing work of several parents, shadows and teachers who endlessly strove for a community of understanding and support for children on the spectrum at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School. After Julia had the incredible opportunity to hear Temple Grandin, one of the great minds in the autism world, speak about her life experiences, she became determined to support the work of The Parker Foundation and is thrilled to wholeheartedly dedicate her public relations and event planning skills to achieve the three missions of the Foundation in Education, Sports and Arts.

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At The Parker Foundation for Autism and Child Development, TEAM is a very important word.  Not only is It is imperative to have the right team to fulfill our mission and vision, it is the foundation for making all of our programs a success.  Our founders, Board of Directors, staff, committee members, volunteers and buddies, children, families, partners and sponsors...we are all a part of the TEAM that makes it possible to