Melissa Parker

Melissa Parker

Vice President and Co-Founder

​I understand the complex emotions that go along with having a child with challenges and the need to integrate them into society despite the difficulties that arrive while doing so.  Ultimately though, this is the best gift that we can give our children, so that they can learn the skills necessary to function outside of their typical environment while having fun and making friends for a lifetime!  This not only impacts our children, but the entire family unit as well.  By building that community of understanding throughout our communities, we are strengthening families and leaving a lasting positive footprint that will resonate for generations to come. 

UPCOMING programs

While currently our social, sports and art programs are up and running, upcoming events will focus on free educational opportunities for families, educators and the community.


We are currently looking for individuals, businesses and organizations that would be  willing to partner with and or donate their time, talents or facilities for our educational, sports and art programs.

mission & vision

Our belief is that with an open heart and a community of understanding, we can help foster self confidence and opportunities for socialization and relationship building for children with Autism and related disabilities and their families.

I am honored to be a part of The Parker Foundation for Autism and Child Development. It is my hope that we can expand community awareness, while offering services that can help children and their families. I, like many parents and caregivers, felt lost when my wife and I first discovered our son was on the spectrum.  You ask yourself…What are the options available for our child?  What do we need to do as parents to increase his skills and communication? Will he get the opportunity to experience things such as playing sports and being part of a team? It is our mission to encourage and make sure that all children have these simple but crucial experiences, while providing encouragement and answers to many of the questions we all have raising a child with challenges.

Foundation History

January 2015 - The Parker Foundation founded in Melbourne, FL.


Ted Parker

President and Co-Founder

Our founders

Ted Parker